General mental health

The Neureka Project


Online survey


18 and over



Time commitment

We ask that participant at a minimum complete the 'Risk Factor's Challenge' which will take approximately one hour. MultiMood involves rating your mood twice per day over an 8 week period, this will take no more than 5 minutes per day. After completing Risk Factors, participants can play games in the 'Free Play' section of the app at their leisure. Consequently, participants can engage with the app as much as they would like.

Rewards and expenses

Neureka is a free non-profit smartphone app, there is no cost nor incentive associated with participation.

How to take part

About the study

Neureka is a collection of fun brain games and challenges that allows you to solve cognitive puzzles and help in cutting edge scientific research at the same time! The more science challenges you complete, the more points you collect, the more you help us to fight dementia and disorders of mental health. 50 million people suffer from dementia worldwide, a figure which is set to increase substantially as global populations live longer. For mental health conditions, the number affected is a staggering 450 million. In both cases – we are focused on delivering identifying modifiable risk factors – things that individuals and policy-makers can do to prevent people from falling victim to these devastating conditions. By playing neureka, you are helping us to transform how research is done and are playing a huge part in the global fight against dementia

What will it involve?

Download the app from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can download the app either by searching directly in the store or by following the link in our website. Neureka has three main science challenges that participants can complete: Risk Factors, MultiMood, My Mental Health. The Risk Factors Challenge aims to understand more about these modifiable risk factors for dementia by having participants play a series of fun games related to cognition. MultiMood asks participants to report on a range of depressive symptoms at random times throughout the day. My Mental Health Challenge aims to develop better ways to understand and define mental health by asking participants to complete a variety of questionnaires related to mental health.