Coronavirus (COVID-19)
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Young Trans and Gender Diverse Lives’ in the UK: The Mental Health Impact of COVID-19


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Time commitment

Each survey will take around 30 minutes to complete. In total, there are 3 questionnaires to complete over approximately the next 6 months. So in total, 1hr30 minutes of your time is needed.

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About the study

This study is exploring the experiences of young trans and gender diverse people as a result of the social distancing implemented to combat against COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We are especially interested in understanding how these restrictions may have impacted on mental health, wellbeing and social connectedness.

What will it involve?

If you choose to take part, you will be asked to fill in 3 online surveys on separate occasions. On each occasion, it should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete the survey and you can do this on a tablet, smartphone, computer or laptop. The survey will ask you questions about the different ways the social distancing has impacted on your life, your social identity and mental health. Therefore, some of the questions may be of a sensitive nature.

If you decide to take part, we will ask for an email address so we can send survey 2 and 3 to you. Survey 2 will be sent about 2 weeks after social distancing measures are relaxed. Survey 3 will be sent around 2 weeks after the social distancing measures are completely removed. It is therefore estimated that this study could span approximately the next 6 months.

To take part you must be between the ages of 16-25, be living in the UK, and identify as trans or gender diverse.

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