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SMYLE (Supporting Mental health services for Young peopLE)


Online interview





Time commitment

Online interviews last between 45-60 minutes using Microsoft Teams.

Rewards and expenses

Everyone participating in an interview will received a £10 Amazon voucher as a thank you for their time.

About the study

The SMYLE study explores barriers and facilitators to engagement with mental health services for young people in Scotland. In other words, what helps and what gets in the way of young people accessing the mental health support they need.
We want to know:
• What helps young people to look for support for their mental health if they need it
• Why some young people who need help don’t use mental health support services
• Why some young people who are getting mental health support stick with it and others drop out
• What families can do to support young people to get the help they need
• What support services can do to make sure young people get the help they need
• What impact Covid-19 has had on young people, their need for and access to mental health support
The study findings will be turned into recommendations that will inform future service delivery. The study report will be made available to the public at the end of the study. We see this as being even more important now Covid-19 has changed how services are being delivered, and we think more young people will need support with their mental health.

What will it involve?

We are looking for young people in Scotland who are willing to share their experiences and views about mental health services with us in an online interview.

This study is no longer accepting applications