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What should we measure in studies testing talking therapies on psychiatric inpatient wards?


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You can tell us as much or as little as you like. We expect the survey to take around 15 mins to complete, but it could take more or less time than this.

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How to take part

About the study

Researchers test out new treatments to try and find out whether they are safe and effective. They do this by measuring outcomes, such as how people are feeling after they have received a treatment. However, at the moment the same types of outcomes are not always measured for the same health condition across different studies. This makes it harder to compare the results from different studies and to work out which treatments work best.

We are doing a study to try and develop what is called a ‘Core Outcome Set’ to be used for studies of psychological (talking) therapies for people receiving care on mental health wards (psychiatric inpatient care). A Core Outcome Set is an agreed set of outcomes which have been developed in consultation with service users, carers, researchers, and health professionals. This will help improve research in the future by making sure that all researchers measure the same kinds of outcomes and focus on outcomes which are most likely to make an important difference to people’s lives.

What will it involve?

There are several stages to this research, which will all take part online. You can take part in just one, or several, stages of the study. We will be finding out people’s views using a survey, and then asking people to tell us which outcomes they think are the most important.

DEUTSCHE BANK STAFF ONLY, please note the following: if you are an employee of Deutsche Bank and are applying for this study as part of your volunteering commitment, please register using your staff e-mail address.