Coronavirus (COVID-19)
General mental health

What is the Psychological Impact of the COVID Outbreak on NHS and non-NHS health workers?


Online survey


18 and over



Time commitment

10-20 mins

Rewards and expenses


About the study

This study aims to measure the psychological impact (anxiety, depression, stress etc) of the COVID-19 outbreak on healthcare staff - and how this changes as the COVID-19 crisis evolves. We also aim to identify factors which are associated with worsening or helping wellbeing. We believe that the burden of the COVID crisis on health workers is one of the most critical health issues of our times.

What will it involve?

UK based health workers will be invited to complete an online survey containing questionnaires which measure anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, and resilience. There are other questions around PPE, safety, risk, traumatic or stressful medical or personal events, NHS procedures and people try and reduce anxiety. Other questions ask about positive aspects such as feeling more motivated or valued. Completers are invited to be contacted again to repeat the survey at a later date so we can see how mental health changes as the crisis evolves.

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