Wellbeing in OCD


Online interview


18 and over



Time commitment

Approximately 1 hour

Rewards and expenses

There is no financial incentive for taking part in this online interview.

About the study

The scope of the study is to give a more nuanced picture of pathological beliefs such as delusions or strongly held obsessions, by exploring whether they can  provide some psychological benefits to someone who finds himself in a situation of psychological emergency, i.e. of severe psychological difficulty. In other words, the aim is to see whether pathological beliefs might be a solution - though imperfect and temporary - to an already existing problem rather than a problem in itself.

What will it involve?

The study involves answering some questions on one's sense of control and wellbeing in the face of obsessions and compulsions. For example, I will ask whether the participant is able to not think about his obsessions, whether he thinks that his OCD is a part of him, or if he feels that his compulsions are acted upon against his will. The questions can be answered either in an online format, on Zoom or Skype, or by email, if the participant feels more comfortable answering in a written way.

This study is no longer accepting applications