Coronavirus (COVID-19)
General mental health

SITUATE: Student mental and social health and wellbeing


Online survey


16 and over



Time commitment

This survey should take about 30 minutes.

Everyone will be invited to give their permission to be sent a follow-up survey invitation in the future. This is completely optional. For those people who are interested, they will be invited to a total of four further surveys. These surveys would be spread across two academic years.

Rewards and expenses

For this survey, you will be invited into a prize draw for 1 x £50 and 15 x £5. If you take part in future surveys, you could win up to £350.

About the study

This study is based at the University of Sussex. SITUATE aims to find out about students experiences of mental and social health and wellbeing as they move through university. The findings will be used to develop ways to better support students as they enter and move through university.

SITUATE is funded by the Office for Students. More information about SITUATE can be found on our website:

What will it involve?

We would like to invite UK undergraduate students to take part in an online survey. This can be completed on a computer, tablet, smartphone or similar device.

The survey will ask you about your experiences of moving through your education. There will be questions about your mental health and wellbeing. There will be questions about your social life. There will also be questions about your experiences relating to COVID-19.

Complete the survey