Single-session cognitive-behaviour therapy for panic disorder


In person


18 and over



Time commitment

We will first establish your suitability during an online Teams call (about 1 hr). The study will then involve:
a) face-to-face visit for your treatment, computer games, questionnaires (4-5 hrs)
b) next-day face-to-face visit for more computer games and questionnaires (1 hour)
c) two online follow-ups (Teams or email) 1 month and 6 months after your treatment(15 minutes each)

Rewards and expenses

£70 plus reasonable travel expenses. We also hope that you will notice and improvement in your anxiety.

How to take part

About the study

We aim to develop a much briefer, much more effective treatment for panic disorder and other forms of anxiety. We have previously shown that only one session of cognitive-behaviour therapy already has great effects on anxiety. Here we test the idea that taking one dose of losartan before treatment - a blood pressure drug shown to also improve learning - will further improve such effects.

What will it involve?

You will receive one session of cognitive-behaviour therapy - an effective treatment for anxiety. We will also ask you to take one tablet of losartan or a placebo not containing any medication. Losartan has been routinely prescribed for over 20 years, and our previous work shows there are no side effects with single doses. Before and after your treatment, you will be working on questionnaires asking about your anxiety, and we will ask you to work on a few computer games.