Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Parenting Under Pressure


Online survey


18 and over



Time commitment

A 40 minute anonymous online parent survey and a single question for children (<5 minutes) that is completed at the end of the parent survey.

Rewards and expenses

Twenty $100 gift cards will be raffled to participants. *Gift card will be in USD. *participation not required to enter raffle; drawn on July 31

About the study

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on family life. We are exploring the ways in which the the global pandemic has affected caregivers, families, and children. Through our research, we hope to enrich the lives of children and families by informing interventions that may help during difficult periods for future generations.

What will it involve?

We would like to invite parents with children age 6-17 to take part in our online survey. This survey can be completed on any device.

Complete a range of parent questionnaires that cover some emotional, social, and behavioral impacts of COVID-19. We will ask you to answer a range of these questionnaires for your child(ren).

We will ask you to write a short paragraph question, where you will write for 5 minutes and reflect on the impact of COVID-19 on you and your family. Your child(ren) will also complete this short paragraph question, reflecting on his/her experience with COVID-19.

Complete the survey