CMAPS: Mapping Profiles of Cognition, Motivation and Attention in Childhood


Online survey





Time commitment

The parent questionnaires take around 30 minutes in total. The child activities take around 30 minutes per block, so 60 minutes total.

Rewards and expenses

Entry into a prize draw to win gift cards (1 x £100, 5 x £50, 10 x £30). Everyone will receive an educational newsletter about the study.

How to take part

About the study

There are many reasons why children may find social situations difficult. We are interested in understanding how different profiles of social and attention skills in children are related to strengths and difficulties in social situations. Better understanding of the underlying causes of social difficulties will help us to develop better interventions, and promote positive outcomes for all children.

What will it involve?

If you choose to take part in the project you will be asked to complete a consent form and some questionnaires about your child. These questionnaires will ask you about your child’s emotions and behaviours, and how your child acts in different situations. Once you have completed these questionnaires, we will send you a new link for your child to complete some activities. These activities can be completed in two sessions (Part 1 and Part 2), with a break in between. We ask that your child completes all activities in a quiet room at home on a desktop computer or laptop with a mouse connected. The activities will take approximately 30-40 minutes per session. Your child can complete Part 1 only, or Part 1 and Part 2 of the activities; it’s up to them. Your child will be asked to complete some puzzles and games which will involve looking at different faces, searching for hidden objects in images, and watching some animated video clips and cartoons. None of these tasks are a test and there are no right or wrong answers. Once your child has completed these activities, we will send you a final shorter set of questionnaires to complete.