A study testing an online single-session intervention for worry and rumination in OCD.


Online survey


18 and over



Time commitment

Our eligibility screening should only take about 3 minutes.
The main session should take just over 60 minutes to complete.

Rewards and expenses

If you chose to take part, you will be entered into a prize draw, with prizes available of £75, £25 and 2 x £15 in gift vouchers.

About the study

We are looking to develop an online intervention to reduce worry and rumination in individuals with OCD, with the hope of improving the effectiveness of CBT. Similar research has shown promising results for anxiety and depression. Given high levels of worry and rumination in OCD, we hope to extend this research to OCD.

At this stage of the research, we would like to find out how individuals with OCD respond to a single session of the training we have developed so far.

What will it involve?

Please complete our eligibility screening to check eligibility and register your interest (link below). Once we have received this, we will send you further information and the link to the main online session.

During the main online session, you will first be asked to complete a series of questionnaires, before completing a task involving listening to OCD-related situations, before being asked some questions about them. At the end, there will be a task which will involve thinking about a recent negative thought.

This study is no longer accepting applications